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Memories Matter Photography
Thanks, sis. I consider myself a 'serious hobbyist' and try to keep my prices down so everyone can afford to capture those special moments! Memories Matter!
Tammy Collins(non-registered)
Linda is my sister! She is an amazing talent and her prices are way too low so yall better book her before she catches on to this fact!!!
Memories Matter Photography
Kristi, I'm working on them, thankfully they don't need a lot of editing! Great session, beautiful girls!

Jackie, I DO need an assistant.. lol.. one of my boys usually get roped into that job. It really does take 2 people!
Jackie Holcomb(non-registered)
Man are you getting so professional....soon you will need an assistant! You do such good work. You definately have an eye for photography.
Kristi Holcomb(non-registered)
I love all of your pictures. I can't wait to see mine! Thanks for being so patient with the girls!
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