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As we walked through the park ( one of her favorite places) to our sunset shoot, a little girl, playing on the swings, watched Christine as she passed by and said, “You look like a princess”. How true.
“I don’t look good in pictures” Was Christine’s first response when I asked her to play ‘model’ with me. Then, "You are really going to put me in in a pink dress?" She says pink/girly isn’t ‘her’. But I see a side of her she hasn’t seen in herself in many years. A soft side that exudes beauty, hiding deeply behind the walls that so carefully guard her heart behind locks and chains.
YOU, Christine, have amazing potential, YOU can do hard things, YOU are never alone, YOU are so beautiful inside and out, YOU have great worth. Know who YOU are, a daughter of our GOD, our KING. (That makes you a princess)
Sometimes people think they are not beautiful because of their scars, whether they be on the inside or the outside. Don’t let Satan feed you those lies.
We are all "More than the sum of our past mistakes."
I’m honored to call you my friend.
Thanks for letting me capture these images--
Braving wearing a pink formal in front of people at the point, and the mosquitoes!
You ROCKED that pink dress ;)

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